How To Pre Inspect Living Space and Attic Area

How To Pre Inspect Living Space and Attic Area

When you’re looking to prevent air leakage in your attic, you need a game plan. Eric Mortensen walks you through the initial steps to take when assessing where exactly your attic can be improved upon, and what problem spots you should keep an eye on.


When we look into this section of the attic, we notice a couple of things.

Number one — this section is quite busy.

There’s a lot of electrical wiring going on. There’s some can lights. There’s a lot of stuff happening. So you really need to walk the living space and make a plan before you get up in the attic. You need to know what you’re looking for so you can find it. Otherwise, you might not even know that you have something that you need to seal.

So when we look at an area like this, first you need to make a plan. You need to go downstairs in the living space. Identify all the protrusions coming through the ceiling. You need to know that they’re in this area so that when we go out there, we can find them efficiently, seal them efficiently, and then get back.

A couple other things I wanted to point out — we are air sealing today, but we’re also going to be insulating this home with yellowblue’s multi-layer insulation. First, we’re going to air seal. Then, we’re going to come across every area of this attic and we’re going to fluff up the blown-in insulation that’s been compressed and matted down over the years. So, we’re going to rake that back up to good health, we’re going to air seal all the protrusions, and then we’re going to lay our multi-layer insulation across the top of it once those two steps are complete.