Attic Seal Recessed Lights

Attic Seal Recessed Lights

Can lights can be a tricky component to properly sealing attic recessed lights. We’ve shown how to use LED retrofit inserts in this process, so here, we take a look at the steps behind using foam sealant to ensure the can is correctly installed into the home envelope.

We’re going to get ready to foam this light to the envelope and to the lid itself, but we wanted to show you guys why you do this.

You can see all around the housing of the can there’s about an eighth inch gap all the way around and this is beautifully cut and installed the right way. There’s just no other way to put these in in new construction without having that gap there which is why we take these air-sealing methods.

This is just a great opportunity to show you why we need to do this with can lights.

So, we’ve shown you one method of sealing recessed or can lights from the home living space using LED retrofit inserts. We’re going to show you a second method which we’re going to take foam and seal the can itself to the lid or the drywall, but we’re not sealing any of the vents that are in the can. Those are engineered to be there. We’re simply sealing the can to the home envelope.

And once we’ve got a good foam seal, we’re going to go ahead and replace the insulation that’s around it and make sure it’s all fluffed up and as nice as it can be.

What we try to do when we’re working in an area of an attic that’s been insulated is fluff up the existing insulation and help that insulation operate as optimally as possible. This attic has been quite compacted and condensed over time, so just fluffing this stuff up a little bit is going to help out immensely. There we have it.