Air Leaking Prevention – Part 1

Air Leaking Prevention – Part 1

Join us for the first part of our series on the proper ways to prevent air leaking in your home!

Hey everyone. It’s Eric from yellowblue.

We’re here in a customer’s home today and we’re working on air sealing, and we’re going to talk to you today about some of the methods and practices that we use to make people’s homes more efficient, and help combat air mitigation between the home envelope and the attic.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to review this entire home and we’re going to review every single protrusion coming through the home envelope. This could be exhaust fans, electrical chase ways, plumbing vents, and of course lights that are even in your ceiling and things like that.

So, we’re going to show you all the different things that we can seal with the tube of caulk, some insulation, and a few other things. So let’s go ahead and get started.