About Us

We provide valuable, effective, actionable support to those who care about creating efficient, sustainable living environments.

Seal Insulate and Ventilate is the brainchild of the professionals at Yellowblue Eco Tech, one of the fastest growing green home technology companies in the United States. As industry veterans with years of experience in healthy homes, we felt there was an absence of consolidated, vital resources. Building an efficient, sustainable home takes a lot of knowledge, but too often curious people are left to their own devices for serious education.

This website was created to be that missing resource.

Our archives cover the essential materials for understanding the three most crucial components of an energy-efficient home: sealing, insulation, and ventilation. This is just the beginning of our resources. The Seal Insulate and Ventilate team is readily available and equipped to address your specific needs and connect you with the people you need to start taking action.

We aren’t a library — we’re a guide.

We’re building an educated, prosperous community

One location, all the resources you need. Meet the team dedicated to creating a more informed, better-equipped community of energy-efficient home advocates and practitioners.

Our Team of Experts


Eric Mortensen

Owner-Operator of Building Elements LLC and Infinity Energy Group Inc.

Eric has over 15 years of professional experience. His experience includes general contracting, home building, roofing, painting, insulation and ventilation. Eric also has extensive knowledge in home energy performance in all North American Climate Zones. In addition, Eric is a Certified Home Ventilation Expert and Certified Thermal Imager. Today, Eric serves as the Owner and Chief Operator of Building Elements LLC and Infinity Energy Group Inc.


Bill Driscoll

Ventilation Expert

Bill Driscoll has spent over 40 years in the home improvement business and is currently the President of Great Lakes Eco Systems, the premier energy-saving company in Wisconsin. He is a practicing and licensed contractor, with numerous certifications in areas of ventilation. Bill has personally conducted hundreds of seminars on the topic of attic ventilation and remains active in teaching. Great Lakes Eco Systems in a proud trade ally with Focus on Energy and his company utilizes their attic sealing training for his installation crew.


Steven Fitch

Energy Savings Expert

Steven Fitch is a sealing, insulation and ventilation expert with a proven track record in residential and commercial properties. He has helped thousands of clients in Michigan, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana.

His affinity for energy savings began during his childhood, as Steven watched his father help start the recycling business for the State of Michigan in 1986. Having learned that investing in energy savings of his own home could lead to an additional source of income, the practice of saving money and investing in the future easily carried over to Steven’s career. With the realization that the health and comfort of a person’s home or business could be improved with the same techniques, energy savings became the cornerstone of Steven’s businesses.

Steven’s passion has allowed him to help entire communities that have faced energy crises of a larger scale. Steven continues to speak nationwide about the ongoing energy problems that Americans face, and he continues to educate the public on making their properties more energy efficient, healthier and more comfortable.