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The premier information resource for healthy home professionals and homeowners alike. Providing you with the knowledge you need to make your home as comfortable, inexpensive, and energy-efficient as possible.


Seal Insulate and Ventilate is dedicated to educating people. We provide proprietary information that homeowners and building professionals need in order to keep energy consumption down, utility bills low, and our homes healthy.

The Home Envelope

The barrier separating the indoors from the outdoors. Learn what goes into a home's envelope, and how to make it stronger.

The Basics of Sealing

Internal temperature control, energy consumption, and appliance efficiency all stem from this good sealing practices.

The Basics of Insulation

A home’s insulation helps make heating and cooling efforts consistent and effective throughout the living space.

The Basics of Ventilation

Homes need to breathe. Learn about best practices and how they help reduce a home’s energy consumption.


Households that struggle to pay energy bills


Number of Homes That Are Improperly Insulated


Average Amount Of Lifetime Spent Indoors


Of U.S. Energy Usage Comes From Homes


Whether they’re short and sweet or long and detailed, our collection of videos cover nearly every topic related to home sealing, insulation, and ventilation.


We dissect a variety of complex home improvement topics in compact, succinct, and easy-to-understand infographics.


In-depth breakdowns and articulate instructions are just some of the written content you can find on our blog.

Expert Knowledge

This isn’t a static website; it’s a community of experts. Contact us to speak with a qualified industry professional about the steps your project needs.

Next Steps

Don’t just get informed — take action! We can help you find the right energy-efficient products that match exactly what you’re seeking.


Visual learning is key. We’ve made sure our information is as accessible and easy to read as possible.

Build a better foundation.

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